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Want to rank higher in Google? I provide a bespoke SEO service for businesses in Wellington and all over New Zealand, on a freelance or contract basis.

Unlike paid advertising and marketing campaigns, search engine optimisation doesn't just switch off once you stop paying for it. When done right, it ages like a fine wine. The little tweaks you carry out today can still be reaping the benefits months or even years from now, at no additional cost to you. So why wait?

How does it work?

1. Discovery β˜•

It starts with a (free) conversation. And if you're Wellington-based, we could even chat about SEO in Wellington over coffee.

Tell me about your business, your customers, your competitors, your website... What digital marketing strategies have worked so far, and what hasn't? This is where we define your KPIs and really discuss what online success looks like for you.

2. SEO Audit πŸ”

This is the exciting bit! I launch into full detective-mode and shine a torch into all the little crevices of your website; exploring all the ways people are getting in, what they're doing there, what they're looking for, and so on.

As well as a technical SEO health check of your website, I conduct comprehensive keyword research and holistically assess the content strategy of your website from page structure to site structure.

No smoke and mirrors here. The results of your SEO audit are completely transparent, and the report is yours to keep so that you are in the best position to decide how you would like to proceed.

3. SEO Strategy πŸ“ˆ

The results of the SEO audit will inform the approach. I'll hand over a specific outline of recommended tasks and activities that will improve your website's SEO. This will be inclusive of things like technical SEO, content strategy, and relevant link opportunities. Consider this your road map to the top of Google.

You can decide whether you want to carry out the strategy yourself, depending on how confident you feel, or whether you'd like further assistance in the implementation. Otherwise you are free to take the audit and strategy in-house or elsewhere. I'll even throw in a customised reporting dashboard, because you'll need a way of measuring your site's performance.

4. Implementation πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

My involvement in carrying out the SEO recommendations can be as flexible as you'd like. Typically, clients will pay per day. So it's up to you whether you'd like me to work on your account one day a week, one day a month, five days a month, or whenever suits you and your business. I can estimate how long tasks will take, but ultimately you can decide whether to treat my services as a one-off investment or a long-term partnership. No need to worry about lengthy contracts, just straight-forward SEO as needed.

I can work remotely, collaboratively, or both! Once you know where to look, there are so many things that can improve your website's organic search ranking, that can be done by you or one of your team. I can provide ongoing support and direction, and have regular check-ins to see whether you're on the right track. Or I can step into the role of SEO copywriter, content specialist, blogger, web designer... I'm like a Swiss army knife of digital skills!

Want to know more?

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Ria Parish SEO

Why me?

I've been passionate about SEO since 2011, and joined a UK digital agency in 2013 as a "Search Engine Optimisation Strategist", where I worked with numerous businesses across all sorts of industries. Particularly ecommerce websites, where I have the most experience. (In fact, prior to digital agency life, I ran an ecommerce site of my own.)

Ria is a SEO superstar, and a Google Adwords ninja, if there's something worth knowing about when it comes to optimising your site's visibility, she knows it. She has a knack for writing content with a strong tech angle while still keeping it engaging and relatable. Her unflappable demeanor and quirky sense of humor make her a great addition to any team.

Nicole Retter, Marketing Manager

Ria incredibly excels in the realm of digital marketing. I had the opportunity to work beside Ria for around two and a half years at Silkstream, having both been a part of the digital marketing team there. Ria was excellent at always being at the forefront of the latest optimisation techniques and in effortlessly handling a mixed bag of clients spanning a wide range of industries, each of whom all had different objectives to be achieved. All of Ria’s clients had nothing but sparkling reviews for the work she carried out for them and whatever step she takes next, I’m certain the sparkling reviews would still follow.

Michael Tucker, Digital Marketing Consultant

Frequently asked questions

A fraction of the cost of a digital agency! It's just me, so I have low overheads. Message me for a quote!

"Some websites offer audits for free. Paying for an audit is outrageous!" And yeah, paying an SEO agency for an auto-generated audit is an outrage. That's not what I do. I don't paste clients' website URLs into a freemium software, and charge clients for the 2 minutes it takes to download the PDF. I charge for audits because I conduct them manually and holistically. As a human being (and an SEO specialist with an eye for the details), I can spot all these little human things that automated bots might miss.

Access to your analytics (Google Analytics and Google Search Console) is ideal. I can walk you through the process of inviting me to your account. This step does not require you to share any passwords.

No analytics? No worries! I can get you all set up. After all, you need a way of measuring your online success.

I can help you get started with a basic website, and look at the most affordable and flexible options suited to your business and within your budget.

Nope. Completely pay-as-you-go arrangement.

I'm open to full-time positions on a permanent or contracting basis, depending on the role and the organisation. Happy to discuss - flick me a message.

Get in touch personally, and I'll see what I can do!

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